Newsgroups: alt.tasteless
Subject: A tragic love story
Date: 31 Jan 1995 03:40:28 GMT

The Story of Anne and Jeffry

Once upon a time, there was a large kingdom in which many people lived and prospered. There was a large house in the center of the kingdom in which the wealthiest family lived. This was the biggest manor in the kingdom. The family included one wife, a husband, and their homely 18-year-old daughter named Anne. Anne was one of the quietest girls in the kingdom, but she was also one of the prettiest and kindest. Anne didn't leave the house much, and when she did, it was only to go to the rather small market near her house. Now Anne didn't know this, but every time she went to the market, the meat salesman's son watched her. He was a 19-year-old name Jeffry. He was very handsome, and strong, too. Even though Jeffry wasn't that brilliant, he knew what love felt like and when it was true, and he knew he felt that for Anne. So one day he went up to her while she was out on one of her market visits. He told her that he loved her, and she did not know what to reply. She thought quickly of her options, and figured that she did not feel like being cooped up in her house forever. So when he asked her to marry him, she said yes. The next few days were wonderful. Jeffry and Anne spent all of their time together, enjoying life before their marriage. While they were in a barn petting some ponies, Jeffry had a sudden change of heart and told Anne that he wasn't ready for a wife. Anne was so angry that she took out her hunting knife and cut Jeffry across the stomach, his guts spilling out. He fell to the ground and died. Then a extremely large dragon attacked the kingdom and burned down the barn Anne was in. She died in the flames.

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