WP2X - WordPerfect to anything converter

This is the fourth release of wp2x. WP2X uses a configuation file to convert WordPerfect 5.1 files to something else.

Version 1.0 of wp2x, written by Raymond Chen (rjc@math.princeton.edu), converted WP 4.2 files to anything. Raymond is not affiliated with this web page or versions of wp2x beyond version 1.0.

It mostly uses exactly the same configuration files, with a number of additions, and some changes in meaning.

Please do not ask me if it handles WP 6.0, or if it runs on DOS. It does neither. If you want to help work on this, you have my blessing!

I am however, intending to work on this soon

Current versions are Available, including a reference on WP5.1 format.

There is a mailing list. Please send a message to majordomo@consecol.org, with the body
subscribe wp2x-workers


The HTML config is oriented towards converting WP documents to a format suitable for a journal I worked on; Conservation Ecology. As such, it does some pretty specific things with some font size changes.

Milkyway Networks does not support this program in any way. It was just a stable place to put stuff while I worked there.

Sandelman Software Works provides no warantee on this program, but can service it for a fee.

Change history

Don't be surprised if I bump the minor version number for simple reasons. It just makes file maintenance easier.

Version 2.4

Fixed some bugs thanks to Russell McOrmond. Added GNU autoconf to configure the program.

Version 2.3 patch 1

No new functionality. Intregrated some patches from the net. Removed alloca from dopen.c. DOS patches are not integrated. Compiled it on BSD/OS 2.0.

Version 2.3

Regression testing automated. Fixed byte order problem (I was too enthusiastic about getting it right, and swapped words in two different ways in one place. Thus problems under Ultrix, and Linux) Guide to the code included.

Version 2.2

Man page included. Directories reorganized, and some error messages fixed up a bit. One irrelevant bug fixed in -v option.

Version 2.1

Bumped major revision level up to 2 to avoid confusion with original (WP 4.2) WP2X.

Version 1.1

Thanks to Thorsten Ludewig <th@rz.fh-wolfenbuettel.de> for the full Latin-1 character set array.

Version 1.0

First release of WP2X - 5.1

The original readme file

Before installing, make sure you have...

    1.  The wp2x.c source code.
    2.  As many *.cfg files as you feel like using.
    3.  The manual page (wp2x.1l)
    4.  An ANSI-C compiler.  At a minimum, your compiler must understand...
                function prototypes

Installation procedure:

    0.  Decide if you want to have a lib/wp2x directory.

        If so, define the preprocessor symbol WP2X_DIR to its name,
        including double-quotation marks.  The supplied man page
        assumes you have chosen the name /usr/local/lib/wp2x.
        If you choose a different name, or decide not to install
        one, modify the man page accordingly.

    1.  Read the section titled PORTABILITY CONCERNS in wp2x.c.
        Understand it.

        If your operating system is not UNIX, MS-DOS,
        or the Amiga, also read dopen.c and (if you want) create
        a collection of #define's for your operating system, or live
        with the `generic' configuration.

    2.  Compile wp2x.c with whatever compiler switches are necessary
        to accomplish what is described in PORTABILITY CONCERNS.
        See the file `HINTS' for suggestions.  If your operating
        system is one of those mentioned above, define the symbol
        `UNIX', `MSDOS' or `AMIGA' (respectively) to your preprocessor.

    3.  Run the torture test by uudecoding torture.uue into torture.wp,
        then typing

            wp2x ascii.cfg torture.wp >torture.out

        It should produce eight warnings.

        If torture.out is not identical to torture.chk, find out
        why and fix it.  (Or complain to the author.)

    3.  Put the sample *.cfg files in a vaguely obvious place.
        Adjust the directory name in the man page to point to that
        vaguely obvious place.

    4.  Put the executable and man page in the places such things are
        kept on your system.


* The first WP2X was written in Spring 1989 as a volunteer effort for the
  Princeton University Computing and Information Technology Information
  Center.  (How's that for a mouthful.)  People seemed to need to convert
  WP4.2 files into other stuff, so I figured, hey, why not just hack one
  up?  How hard can it be?

  It seemed to work fine, for the limited cases thrown at it.

* During Summer 1989, some more control codes were added and a
  request for beta testers posted to the net.  Response was mild.

* During Summer 1990, yet more control codes were added, and my
  beta testers from 1989 seemed to have forgotten about me, so the
  testing phase was abandoned.

* During Summer 1991, I made another request for beta testers in
  comp.text.tex, and responses was decent.  The result of this testing
  phase is what you see before you.

    Raymond Chen (raymond@math.berkeley.edu, rjc@math.princeton.edu)

    This program and its supporting files are Copyright 1991 by
    Raymond Chen.  You may distribute the program freely, provided
    it is distributed in its entirely, including this README file.
    Any modifications to the program should be clearly marked as such.

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