Hungarian Gov't Danube Decision Contravenes World Court Verdict

Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 08:08:18 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Two more dams on the Danube: A plea for help
From: (Professor Andras Fodor)

Secretary of State Janos Nemcsok declared today, that instead of the
decomposed Nagymaros Dam, Hungary will build two 'smaller' ones.

This statement made even the Slovak delegation astonished!

We ask your help in protesting this decision which is against the ruling of the World Court in The Hague!

We can destroy the Danube and the only inland sea delta of Europe (the Szigetkoz) only once!

This is very urgent - please write your IMMEDIATE INDIVIDUAL LETTER; you can protest by writing to the Hungarian Prime Minister and the President of the Republic! Urge your senator to speak out against this damaging and wasteful project.

Act before it is too late...

The decision flies in the face of the people's wishes, and makes a mockery of Hungarian democracy. You can help change this situation! We ask for the help of all environmentalist organisations of the world.

Please help!

prof. Andras Fodor Department of Geology and Biology, Eotvos University, Hungary