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an aside


I apologize if sending my response to both the ipsec and ipng mailing lists
was inappropriate. On second thought, I probably should have at least included
your original message along with my comments when I responded. However, let
me briefly explain why I chose to do what I did.

Many of the issues that have arisen on the ipsec mailing list are being
discussed on the ipng mailing list in the context of I-Ds submitted by
Ran Atkinson. Reading these I-Ds, the similarities with those written
by Bill and Perry, at least in philosophy, are quite clear. They are not
identical, but are very close. Splitting the discussion of the common issues
raised by these I-Ds over two mailing lists will only result in slower
convergence, since those common issues that are finally settled in one
community will still require agreement in the other community. While it is
certainly possible that these communities will elect to adopt different
approaches, this would not be to the benefit of internetworking as a whole.

Broadening the discussion of the common issues to a wider audience allows
insights by those on one mailing list to be shared with those on the other.
As long as we are all really trying to come up with the best approach, I
can't see why anyone would object to this. Maybe I am missing something and
if so, I am open to correction.