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Re: A Photuris variant

> From: hugo@watson.ibm.com
> As I said in my note, if you comment on the proposal
> at least read it first (and try to understand).
Now, how was I able to have the analysis of the proposal without reading
the proposal?

FYI, I read it from beginning to end, thank you very much.  Perhaps I am
so completely witless that I cannot understand your writing.  Or, maybe
I actually _DO_ understand more than you think.  Or, maybe it's your

> And if it is just for the sake of attacking me, well, you
> could find better reasons. What about, say, my last name:
> so horrible to spell and just one vowel!
> Isn't that an even better reason for agression?

I suppose personal attacks from you are all that we can expect.  Maybe,
someday, you'll actually answer the important questions, like:

  Why would anyone want to go to the trouble of sending protected data,
  using techniques that don't protect the data very well, to a party they
  can't positively identify?