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Re: (IPng) out-of-band key management is like virtual ...

Charles Lynn says:
> > Without such a designator, how do you expect to handle these
> > cases?
> Maybe what would be useful would be to allot part of the SAID space
> for "not assigned by the destination system" (but not implying any
> particular "structure").  I think this would make assignment easier.

Pardon my pissy mood, but maybe some of you could read the drafts, for
crying out loud?

This is NOT an issue. There is no need for solutions since this is NOT
a problem. There is a single entity that hands out SAIDs that are if
need be, keyed by destination address -- whether that is a single host
or some authority acting on behalf of a multicast group is immaterial.

> Whether or not such an allocation is made, an implementation should be
> able to solve the collision problem by making <SAID, destination
> address> the key, instead of simply <SAID>.

This was already implicit in the scheme in the draft.