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Where are we now?

On Feb 28th, Cynthia Clark said:

>In response to a number of requests from the IETF, and due to the
>number of tasks the Secretariat needs to accomplish the week before the
>Danvers IETF meeting, Internet-Drafts received after Friday, March
>24, will not be announced nor made available in the internet-drafts

This does not give the debating parties here much time to get their drafts
out.  Perhaps each side should prepare their own version and then we can see
if we can reconcile them?

Please?  I need this stuff badly.

As to the Dan Nessett's discussion on perfect forward security, I expect
that I may need IPSP on 4,000 field units by year's end.  I only want one
configuration and one key management protocol.  Some of these will meet the
requirement Dan explained for perfect forward security, ERGO they all need it.

Robert Moskowitz
Chrysler Corporation
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