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Re: (IPng) Proposed message on perfect forward security

The latest specs on IPv6 security now clearly state that in-band cannot be
used for IPv6.  Seeing how Dan and others are promoting in-band security as a
technology we may want in the future, and that the ipng mail list will be 
asked to do a last call prior to IPv6 Security going to proposed standard, why 
I think it was very informative and kindly to see Dan's mail on the IPng
list.  But I also hope that any discussion re: in-band vs out-band be done on 
IPSEC mail list not both.  

I will also add that ESP requires DES.  Could we select an encryption
algorithm that has no export restrictions any where in the world.  Also for 
companies doing development internationally where engineers on teams are 
located in different geographical locations it makes it tough on software
planning.  For example I would not be able to give one of my engineering
colleagues DES code from the U.S., if they were working in the Ural
Mountains doing the IPv6 ESP Security work on my project.  This kind of
bugs me.  Another one for IPSEC I think.

thanks Dan,

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