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Re: (IPng) Proposed message on perfect forward security


>Amir says:
>> Jim says:
>> > I see no consensus that you keep saying with phrases like "I suspect
>> > that others feel the same way".  I do see one hand clapping.
>> Agreed. Not even a `rough' one... :-)


>Please go back and re-read. Jim was quoting me writing about building
>the best system we can and letting the lawyers fight with
>governments. It had nothing to do with SKIP. How Jim turned the
>message into a SKIP message is beyond me. I wasn't discussing SKIP.

No Amir and I are in synch.  I was stating that YOU do not have
consensus regarding in-band keying not being an option for IPv6 security
in this or any working group.  You need to re-read the mail.
I have never mentioned SKIP in any of my mail.  I simply believe in-band
keying is a valid option.  SKIP clearly will be something we will look
at too as I don't trust your input at this time and we will make our own
technical determination.  I do trust Dan though.  So my issue is only
in-band keying be an option.

I agree with Amir we need to get to consensus.  We do not have it yet.
On in-band keying.