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Re: The besty

>> I see no consensus that you keep saying with phrases like "I suspect
>> that others feel the same way".  I do see one hand clapping.
>OK, Jim, here's agreement with Perry.  I feel the same way.  I didn't
>realise that any more than one person needed to say it.

	Ditto. I suppose I'll stand and be counted, too.

	BTW - unless I'm mistaken, Perry's main topic-of-rant was
the notion of using exportable crypto instead of something like
DES. Crypto policy being what it is, *ANY* encryption support for
IP that is worth having will not be exportable. We need to accept
that, and publish a relevant standard so that independent non-US
iplementations can be developed without having to export code.

[PS - Jim, if you're truly approaching this from the perspective
of a vendor, why wait for the ossified standards process to complete
its interminable gyrations? The only way to make things work is
to ignore the standards community until it catches up, and make
sure your products can be easily cut over to standards track IF
and WHEN a relevant standard arises. Sign me "standards cynic"]