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Re: (IPng) Re: The besty


bound@zk3.dec.com says:
> >	BTW - unless I'm mistaken, Perry's main topic-of-rant was
> >the notion of using exportable crypto instead of something like
> >DES. Crypto policy being what it is, *ANY* encryption support for
> >IP that is worth having will not be exportable. We need to accept
> >that, and publish a relevant standard so that independent non-US
> >iplementations can be developed without having to export code.
> I think your mistaken. 

No, I think, Jim, that YOU are mistaken. Marcus knew precisely what I
had said. I was talking about your request that we find a crypto
system other than DES that is acceptable to "all governments". You
took my reply to that message and proceeded to rant about SKIP and
in-band keying. Perhaps *you* wanted to talk about that, but your
desire to discuss a topic has little impact on what topic I was
writing about.

This is the third and last time I'll tell you this.

I am not ranting about encryption.  I sent a note asking if there was a
means to provide an encryption algorithm that was publicly available and
had no restrictions anywhere.  The answer was NO.

My other mail is regarding in-band keying and the removal of the words
presently in the IPv6 sec draft.  

Send me the mail where I mention SKIP.  The only time I mentioned it was
that I want the option to prototype SKIP or other proposals for host

Whats happening here is the debate is getting very focused and getting
closer to the ONLY issue left.  Removal of the present words in IPv6 sec
about in-band keying.  No more and no Less.