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Re: (IPng) Re: Proposed message on perfect forward security


Technical Questions:

1.  To reveiw:  Will in-band keying work with the present IPv6 specs
    (Rans work) without changes to the specifications?  Not just SKIP
    (see next question).

2.  Are there multiple ways to use in-band keying besides SKIP?
    I am asking this because I believe in-band keying should be
    something vendors should be able to build as a key-management
    solution.  I am assuming SKIP is only one way to use in-band keying
    and others can exist too?

3.  Can't we discuss this without mention of SKIP so that we can
    make sure either in-band or out-band can be used?  I think its
    important we get to the heart of the architectural issues
    technically of the in/out modes and not get hung up on actual
    mechanisms?  Or is this not a good idea?


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