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Re: Diffie's comments on Photuris

Yesterday afternoon I attended a meeting of the Automotive Industry Action
Group (AIAG)'s new OEM CAD/CAM Telecommunications Task Team.  It appears to
be the intent of the group to construct a private IP network for security
reasons.  Such a network would include connections to all of the North
American car manufacturers and all of their suppliers.  Even non-productive
parts.  We are talking in the neighborhood of 60 - 100K companies.

If I had security in hand, I would be in a better position to argue against
a private network.  Remember, MCI, AT&T, Sprint, and others will be all too
happy to build such a private network.  The cost of this will be in the cost
of our products.  And noone else will benefit from the bandwidth.

BTW, I want security on a private network as much as I want it on a public
network, but many managers don't see that.  The TELCOs have made convincing

Final note.  Any comments on the TimeStep product (division of New Bridge).

Robert Moskowitz
Chrysler Corporation
(810) 758-8212