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Need for single versatile and modular key management protocol

I agree with Phil. We need a flexible, versatile and modular design,
which would offer all the features some of us need (including perfect forward
secrecy and similar resiliency to key exposures). We need to keep it simple
and efficient, too; in particular the more expensive features should be
when there's a simple way to make them so. Another thing I'll like to have is
to allow license-free implementations of at least a useful subset.

I think that we are not very far from these goals, esp. with the variant that
Hugo has described.

Best, Amir

> And so I believe it will be with IP security. Once it becomes popular,
> people will find clever coding tricks and CPUs will get faster. But it
> won't become popular if there are a half dozen non-interoperable
> standards competing with each other. That says we should try to make
> the most general purpose protocol we can.
> Phil