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Re: A Photuris variant

At 02:56 PM 3/18/95 -0800, karn@qualcomm.com wrote:
>>Are you trying to communicate with the home's system or somebody behind that
>>system (e.g., a particular user)?
>Doesn't really matter. IPSP is designed for host-to-host security at
>the IP level, although it may also be used in a gateway-to-gateway or
>host-to-gateway mode.
>Let's pick the last mode. I set up a central IPSP gateway at Qualcomm
>and encourage its use by all of our many traveling employees. Then I
>too go on the road with my laptop and wish to log back into my
>workstation at Qualcomm to get my mail. I would much rather do this in
>a way that didn't let an eavesdropper know where I am. That means not
>sending in the clear anything that would identify myself to
>eavesdroppers, including the credentials I must send to the IPSP
>gateway to authenticate myself. With Photuris as I've specified it,
>all a passive eavesdropper could tell is that *someone* on a
>particular network is communicating with something inside Qualcomm;
>they couldn't tell *who*.


This is EXACTLY the model I need for Chrysler.  This will allow me to get
out of the PPP provisioning business and outsource it; a big win for
everyone.  By year end, I expect to have around 4,000 such users needing
this facility...

Robert Moskowitz
Chrysler Corporation
(810) 758-8212