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2 additional Security drafts available for ftp


  There are two additional security drafts that are now available for
anonymous ftp.  They are the mandatory algorithm/transform
specifications for use with the IP Authentcation Header and the IP
Encapsulating Security Payload.  They were written by Metzger, Karn,
and Simpson.  They are products of both IPsec and IPng working groups
and are for use both with IPv4 and IPv6.

  I believe that a Last Call on these will start soon.  They are being
made available for ftp now because there is the usual last-minute
submission crunch in I-D processing at the IETF Secretariat.  They are
not being emailed because of mailing list size and document size.

Approximate URLs for these drafts are:

A note about ftp.nrl.navy.mil:
	Like many modern anonymous ftp sites, you should type
	either your "loginid@your.domain" or "guest@" for the password
	instead of just "guest".  Also, that system will do an inverse
	DNS lookup on your IP address -- if that inverse DNS lookup fails
	you might not be allowed access.  Any system properly registered
	in the DNS should have no technical problems accessing the site.
  	If there are problems and you've followed these instructions,
	please send email to atkinson@itd.nrl.navy.mil and I'll work
	on the problem.