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Re: fast DES information

>Bruce also reports that a DEC Alpha 4000/610 can encrypt DES
>at 154,000 8-byte encryptions per second.

Here's another data point. I recently upgraded the CPU in my home BSDI
box from a 486DX2-66 to a 486DX4-100. That's a 486 with a 100 MHz
internal clock and a 33 MHz external bus. In protected (32-bit) mode,
the speed of my public domain DES code went up almost directly with
the 1.5x increase in internal clock speed: 102,987 8-byte
encryptions/sec vs 69,348/sec for the 486DX2-66.  That's 6.59
megabits/sec vs 4.4 megabits/sec.

My Pentium figures are all for real mode, so they aren't comparable.