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Re: MD5 versus SHA


  Given that IPv4 and IPv6 are using the same security mechanisms,
the speed of encryption/authentication is not different between
IPv4 and IPv6.  The property that IPv6 not be slower than IPv4 is
preserved if one compares secure to secure or insecure to insecure.
IPv6 requires that security be implemented but does not require
that a user must use security.

  The problem with using another algorithm than MD5 is lack of
community consensus that other algorithms are both faster and
"strong enough".  The mechanism is algorithm-independent so if,
in due time, the community consensus is to use your modified MD5
or some other algorithm, then it is straight-forward to do so.
Going to Proposed Standard now with MD5 does not preclude changing
algorithms prior to going to Draft Standard, for example.


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