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Re: MD5 versus SHA

>If we want ubiquitous security, we have to deploy a defult
>authentication option.

Well we are only going to attempt 'proposed standard' and I hope we get
prototypes up to test the default.  It could be that in 4 months we have
a new and faster default.  

Speaking of prototypes.  How many folks out there could be ready for an
interoperability test fest say July before Stockholm IETF with IPv6
implementations (meaning your kernel can do Rans architecture)?  This
implies you have done a lot of other IPv6 work at the API and the
kernel including IPv6 system discovery to even talk to the other IPv6
nodes on the LAN. I guess we could tunnel the packets.

I guess we would all have to agree on the key mangement even manual?

I would like to use in-band (just kidding).  But seriously could we use 
kerberos for such a fest?

Do we need a Security API Spec for this testing?


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