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Re: MD5 versus SHA

Perry et al;

>> Speaking of prototypes.  How many folks out there could be ready for an
>> interoperability test fest say July before Stockholm IETF with IPv6
>> implementations (meaning your kernel can do Rans architecture)?

>I'll be ready to interoperably test IPv4 with Phil by then I believe
>(with his IPSP stuff -- NOT photuris unless I steal his code, which
>would sort of obviate part of the exercise.)  I don't know about v6
>people -- to my knowledge, thats Ran at this point.

Cool.  But for my work its ONLY IPv6.  The work is funded to do research and
advanced development on IPv6 and that which is new (e.g. Security,
System Discovery) and that which is altered (e.g. DNSIND and DHCPv6).  
I will poke those that build IPv4 products, but I am only championing an 
IPv6 test bed (for more than Security too ).  I don't do this by myself
of course (its too much change in the kernel).  I work with a team of 
individuals that are dedicated to testing the IPv6 specs with code, to verify
the next generation Internet protocol specs are implementable at a reasonable 
cost and are interoperable in a multivendor open systems environment.
Of course we also get to check new things out like using the IPv6
flow-id in the IPv6 Sockets API spec (e.g. RSVP) or see what the anycast 
address can do in a distributed IPv6 environment, but most of it is testing 
parts like Ran's specs (and yours and Bills) for IPv6.

With IPv4 the IETF cannot make IPSEC a must implement as 'we' are doing
with IPv6.  So I guess if vendors feel there is 'profit' in doing
security for IPv4 they will implement the IPSEC work on IPv4.   I have
no clue if this is true or not.  But I bet no one will make existing
IPv4 products non-exportable without a 'big payback in
revenue-streams'.  I am not a product/business person so the above is
just an individual opinion by me and I admit to not knowing what all
customers require.  

Vendors may just get screwed with IPv6 is my fear per Security as an
engineer/architect working in the IETF as an individual.