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Re: IPv6 Security Last Call Initial Questions

Ran Atkinson says:
> % 2.  DES-CBC Encryption.  Could I get the formal answer to this question
> %    from you for the record?  This question could also be asked of the
> %    IESG at that Last Call effort too [if necessary].
> %    An IPv6 implementation is required (MUST) to implement DES-CBC.  Yet
> %    in my country (U.S.A.) being conformant means that vendors MUST build
> %    a product that cannot be exported to the International market.
> %    Changing it to SHOULD would eliminate this objection to the draft.
> 	DES _is_ exportable from the US.  Depending on how it is going
> to be used and the intended customer, export of DES might require an
> export license from the US Government.  There are many known cases of
> such export licenses being issued.  There is widespread belief that it
> can be time consuming to obtain such export licenses.

And then there is CDMF, which is rather similar to DES, and which
enjoys similar exportability as RC2/RC4 (except the review time
is 15 days instead of 7)... It's patented by IBM, and so far
our lawyers say, that they'd allow royalty-free usage of
the algorithm in the standard, but if the party who
uses it, holds another patent, it should allow
IBM royalty-free usage of their patent...

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