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Re: IBM's patented algorithm

Ran says:
> Uri,
>   ALL export of encryption algorithms used to provide confidentiality
> require a license under US law.

Unless you get a blanket license for a particular algorithm. As far as I know,
this is NOT the case for CDMF.

Apart from this, I don't want to be involved with discussing the
appropriateness of CDMF, as this is a project of a different IBM group. (of
course I can
connect interested parties to that group.)

>  You could try to argue about ease
> of obtaining a license, but there is no way to prove much either way
> since I know of commercial export of DES that was licensed very fast.

That's different - Uri talks about `blanket license' which does not look at
the application. But CDMF does NOT have that as far as I know.

> It is not productive to continue this discussion, so I won't.

Completely agree!! I'll join Ran.

Best, Amir