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Re: IPv6 Security Last Call Initial Questions


I am interested in your idea and I think the IPSEC WG should pursue it 
and I think the discussion is productive.  If we can find an algorithm
for encryption that will make exporting easier this could help us to
reach connsensus in the vendor community to have a default with a MUST
in the spec, for ESP.

I can't speak for my folks but I need to ask first.  If I have a patent
for security other than cryptography would we have to let IBM use that?
Or does this only apply to patents we may have for the specific
function for ESP?

Do we need to get someone from U.S. Exports on this list?  

p.s. I did not think your terms were onerous at all.  I just looked the
word up and your terms presented are actually counter to being onerous.


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