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Re: IPv6 Security Last Call

        Reply to:   RE>>IPv6 Security Last Call Initial Questions 

>CDMF is very elegant.  ``Its strength is as the strength of DES, because
>its S-boxes are pure''...
>More seriously, CDMF is DES-based.  If you can't cryptanalyze DES, you
>can't cryptanalyze CDMF.  You can do a brute-force search on the 40-bit
>key, of course, but there are barriers to short-cut attacks.  The paper
>is well worth reading.

So, can anyone document that CDMF is *really* exportable with a C.J.,  
something akin to NSA's "Mass Market Software Product" criteria published  
in John Gilmore's "CJR kit" for 7-day C.J. using RC4?