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Re: MD5 versus SHA

 >However, the choice of MD5 for SNMP did not include performance 

In fact, this is exactly why we chose it.  I should know.  I was chair 
fo the SNMP Security Working Group and I'm co-author of the security 

Originally, we chose MD4, precisely because of its performance. 
However, Rivest/RSADSI was quick to point out that the techniques used 
in MD4 were "cutting edge" for hash algorithms and he was concerned 
about its adoption before it had a chance to be properly scrutinized 
(viz the recent observation about "patterns" in the second and third 
rounds of its four rounds).

Thus was born MD5, an algorithm designed to be "fast" using techniques 
generally considered "secure".

I'm sure Burt will let us know if I'm misrepresented Rivest/RSADSI's