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Re: (IPng) new Photuris draft available for ftp

    Date:        Thu, 30 Mar 95 15:09:34 EST
    From:        atkinson@itd.nrl.navy.mil (Ran Atkinson)
    Message-ID:  <9503302009.AA28086@itd.nrl.navy.mil>

    This draft was too late to make the pre-Danvers I-D submission deadline,
    but it seemed useful to make it widely available prior to next week's
    IPsec meeting where it will be discussed.

I have no interest in this particular draft, so I'm going to comment
on it rather than others that are in a similar position.

There's a reason there's a deadline for drafts, and its not only
because the secretariat have better things to do in the week before
the IETF.

Its that there needs to be time before the IETF's for people to
obtain and digest the draft before the IETF meeting.  Even a week
before is tight (lots of people are at interop this week I

I know that no I'm at home, I leave for the airport in a couple of
hours, and I'm not going anywhere near a printer in the meantime.
If I wanted to fetch that draft and understand it before the IETF
I'd have no chance, which would mean any attempt to work out what
is going on would have to depend on what I picked up at the
meeting itself, which is absolutely not the way things are supposed
to work.

Drafts that don't make it to the I-D directories before the IETF
should (must) be totally out of bounds for discussions in the WG
meetings, they're for next time.