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Re: new Photuris draft available for ftp

> From: Robert Elz <kre@munnari.OZ.AU>
> Its that there needs to be time before the IETF's for people to
> obtain and digest the draft before the IETF meeting.  Even a week
> before is tight (lots of people are at interop this week I
> gather).
As a person who pushed for the Internet-Draft deadline, I absolutely
agree.  Two weeks would have been even better.

> I leave for the airport in a couple of
> hours, and I'm not going anywhere near a printer in the meantime.

It is particularly important for those like KRE who are travelling long

On the other hand, KRE has previously announced that he refuses to take
a laptop on the road, merely because he doesn't like the operating
systems available.  A laptop would solve many of his problems, and he'd
be able to read on the plane.

> Drafts that don't make it to the I-D directories before the IETF
> should (must) be totally out of bounds for discussions in the WG
> meetings, they're for next time.
I agree.  Fortunately, in this case there was the -00 draft.  The -01
draft merely adds information from implementation experience, including
revised packet formats and editorial matters.  I'll make sure we cover
those differences during the presentation for people who are only
familiar with the earlier draft.  Thanks for the reminder.

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