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> From: shirey@mitre.org (Robert W. Shirey)
> >TCP/IP WANs. (I was very amused when a certain ignorant government
> >official actually claimed in my presense that no one was using "the
> >internet" for mission critical applications.
> I am not amused, and have not been amused for some time, by your frequent
> use of "ignorant" and other perjorative terms.  In this case, I think it's
> a matter of your lack of familiarity of the terminology used in the
> Government, particularly the U.S. Department of Defense.

"Mission-Critical" has been long used in the private sector.  It has a
similar meaning, which perform a primary mission function.

The local University Hospitals use the Internet, and would have serious
human life problems otherwise.

Going through Infoworld, we see "mission-critical" applied to trucking,
point-of-sale terminals, manufacturing, and ski resorts, as well as the
usual electrical power companies and securities firms.

Perry's use of the word "ignorant" was accurate.

> Data networks are used to provide mission-critical services throughout DoD
> and rest of the Federal community.  I am not yet aware of such usage on the
> Internet.
They all use the Internet.  The "Federal community" is not the the world.

And isn't that the same DoD which funded the developement of IP?  Are
you saying they don't actually use it?

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