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Re: New draft -- IPSEC AH


	Thanks for all of your detailed comments:

	- The backwards compatibility comment refers to the fact that
previous drafts (and the RFC) calls for a "minus 2" length adjustment and
we didn't want to change that unnecessarily.  However, with the permission
of the implementors, I'd be happy to make this a "minus 3" adjustment and
eliminate the parenthetical comment.

	-We'll revise the text to say that a null authentication algorithm
would have a length field of "1" (not "0") due to the addition of sequence
number as a mandatory field.

	- We'll change the initial value for the sequence number counter to
be "0" instead of "1" so that the first transmitted packet will contain the
value "1".

	- We'll change the max counter value to 2^32 (from 2^32-1) to
reflect the previous change.


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