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finishing the work

Steve Bellovin wrote:
> >*I'm perfectly content with any of these choices.  I don't give a rat's
> >ass which is picked; all of them are (to my knowledge) secure, and
> >since I'm not implementing anything these days the ugliness of some of
> >the choices is purely esthetic.  They'll all work.  I want this spec
> >finished, and the group disbanded.*

Roy Pereira responds:
> I couldn't agree more !  As can be seen by the latest rounds of ANX
> testing that is going on right now, all of these specification changes
> and ambiguity is causing major delays in interoperability.  Lets release
> version 1.0 since we know it works.  Let's perhaps improve it and add
> bells and whistles in version 1.1 !
Count me in agreement, too, with a caveat:

We already shipped version 1.0 in August of 1995.  We are arguing about
version 1.1, and it has suffered from the addition of too many bells and
whistles.  Take them out, and leave them for version 2.0.

For 1.1, let us be as compatible with 1.0 as possible.  That will
alleviate the interoperability problems.

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