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Re: AH/ESP edits

At 01:08 AM 6/6/97 EDT, Karen Seo wrote:
>Pending items
>1. ESP: location of the IV in the payload section -- Should the IV be
>   specified as always at the beginning, default at the beginning of the
>   payload field with the option of algorithm-specific locations or
>   always algorithm-specific? (see email from Steve Kent on 6/3/97)

I had raised the issue primarily because the DES and 3DES drafts that had
recently been submitted did not specify the location of the IV (I had
presumed that it was a the start of the payload, but it was not clear that
it had to be). The RC5 and CAST drafts explicitly call for it to be located
at the start of the payload.

My suggestion for the ESP draft is to specify it as algorithm-specific
(we've just got to make sure it's done as part of reviewing the transforms).