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Re: AH/ESP edits

>Pending items
>1. ESP: location of the IV in the payload section -- Should the IV be
>   specified as always at the beginning, default at the beginning of the
>   payload field with the option of algorithm-specific locations or
>   always algorithm-specific? (see email from Steve Kent on 6/3/97)
This should be algorithm specific

>2. AH: Payload length -- Should this be AH header minus 2 32-bit words
>   or minus 3 words?  In recent drafts, this field has been specified as
>   the AH header minus the fixed portion (This was 2 32-bit words and is
>   now 3 words).  (see email from Steve Kent on 6/3/97).
I dont have a very opinion on this but I am inclined to say 3 32 bit words.
I am currently interpreting payload lenght as hash length.

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