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Re: users and connections

	Gee, Bill, are you saying that if a concept isn't recorded in an
RFC then you are ignorant of it?  I thought you were a more broadly
educated person that that ;-)  Next you'll be suggesting that if one can't
find a publication via a Yahoo or Alta Vista search, then the publication
doesn't exist!

	ISO 7498-2 is a standard that, among other things, defines
terminology for security services.  A few years back the PSRG produced an
I-D that reproduced much of that terminology and set it in the TCP/IP
context, but the I-D never generated much interest and thus was not pursued
to RFC status.  Still, the terminology is often used in technical
literature in the network security field and is thoroughly applicable in
the TCP/IP environment.

	And yes, Bill, "session" is also a term that has other meanings in
both the ISO and TCP/IP worlds, e.g., a "telnet session" or a "session
layer protocol."  I don't see a need to invent new terminology here; I
think one can express what you are trying to say in a fashion consistent
with the existing terminology.  It will just take more than a terse phrase
to do so.