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users and connections definitions

> From: Stephen Kent <kent@bbn.com>
> 	Gee, Bill, are you saying that if a concept isn't recorded in an
> RFC then you are ignorant of it?  I thought you were a more broadly
> educated person that that ;-)  Next you'll be suggesting that if one can't
> find a publication via a Yahoo or Alta Vista search, then the publication
> doesn't exist!
Yep!  I firmly believe that all IETF material should be on-line, or at
least accessible at the local university library.

I even went out and got a copy of the ancient Voydock-Kent '83....

Cannot do that with an ISO document.  If we didn't reference an ISO
document in the RFC, then we didn't expect anyone to read it to
understand the work.

> 	ISO 7498-2 is a standard that, among other things, defines
> terminology for security services.  A few years back the PSRG produced an
> I-D that reproduced much of that terminology and set it in the TCP/IP
> context, but the I-D never generated much interest and thus was not pursued
> to RFC status.

ISO 7498-2 is probably a piece of the usual ISO inaccessible ponderous
verbiage, written largely to generate revenue.  Publication does not a
"standard" make.

If PSRG produced an I-D, and it didn't get much interest, then there was
a problem with the writing.  Produce a readable document, and reference
it in all the IPSec documents.

In fact, I'd make that your highest priority!

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