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Re: What price security?

George Michaelson writes:
> If the RT conferencing is being done on the internet-at large, then
> end-to-end delay and congestion is going to make it be WELL under an ethernet
> in speed and quality.


> If Perrys comments about 3DES being able to flood and ethernet is
> true, then then even for real-time conferencing, 3DES added delay
> will be lost in noise for a number of people eg trans-continental or
> >15 hop separated parties.

I believe that, too. Phil has noted that even on a comparitively old
processor, his tuned 3DES implementation gets 2/3rds of an
ethernet. My more modern machines using his code easily saturate ethernet.

As I've said, my experience at this point is that I rarely if ever
notice the cost of encryption day to day, and I use it all the time --
even on my home ethernet.

And if its a small issue now, imagine what it will be like in two
years, when Intel 300Mhz Pentium II machines are low to medium end
home machines?


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