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Re: What price security?

Andrade Software Andrade Networking writes:
> I liked your new code.  The encryption/decryption speed on a Pentium Pro
> was about 2-3 times faster than the old D3DES.  I was getting around
> 5 to 7 uS per 100 bytes v.s about 15 uS per 100 bytes.  Unfortunately
> the key setup is more expensive, about 200 uS v.s. 80 uS.  For lots of 
> short messages which require different keys it is slower than D3DES.  
> For long messages or many messages with the same key it is faster. 

In general, though, this isn't a problem. In an application like
IPSEC, where you have a finite number of keys being used to encrypt
short packets, you just keep the pre-set up key blobs around for each
key and only do the setup work once for each security association.