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Re: What price security?

At 11:20 AM 6/20/97 +0200, Bart Preneel wrote:
>The 3DES code of my colleague Antoon Bosselaers runs 
>at 9.2 Mbit/s on a 133MHz Pentium.  
>Not available for free though ;-)
When you people quote these #s, is the CPU running at 100%?  What could you
get done if you had a CAD rendering app running that was taking 65% of that
1333MHz Pentium's power?

the case study would be that math is on a server and the workstation uses
NFS to access it over the Internet.  We would want to secure this, of
course.  But once the data starts coming in the CAD program starts DOING
real work with it....

Robert Moskowitz
Chrysler Corporation
(810) 758-8212

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