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Re: What price security?

Robert Moskowitz writes:
> When you people quote these #s, is the CPU running at 100%?


> What could you get done if you had a CAD rendering app running that
> was taking 65% of that 1333MHz Pentium's power?

Hopefully it wouldn't be doing I/O at a full clip, but if it was, you
obviously couldn't run both.

You are accurately pointing out that in theory this stuff hurts
performance. I agree with you about the theory 100% -- I used to
believe the theory, just as I used to believe that Ethernet couldn't
run at 100% of capacity because the queuing theory said so.

However, practical experience shows that you CAN run Ethernet close to
100% and get work out of it. On the encryption stuff, my practical
experience thus far is that somehow, it doesn't seem to make a
difference. I haven't studied it enough to know why entirely, but my
guess is that in practice when you are muching I/O at maximum rate you
are I/O bound, not CPU bound, and thus you don't notice it on an
ethernet -- when you are CPU bound, you tend not to be doing vast
amounts of I/O. My guess is that you probably WOULD notice on fast

The point is, though, that things aren't nearly as bad as people
thought, and that with CPUs getting faster the performance is only
going to improve.


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