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Announcement from the new IPsec chairs

As the new IPSEC chairs, we'd like to thank the previous chairs for all
of their work.  We also wish to thank all of the many document authors
for their dilligence.

We have one goal: this work group will move to inactive status by the
end of the year, as all current work gets through last call on to the
standards track.  In fact it would suit us just fine if we do not need
to request a slot for DC.

We are contacting all of the ID authors to review their document status.
We have a process already in place to get consistancy into the transforms
as was started back oh so many sessions ago (Montreal was it?).  We are
already well along the way on this; in fact we expect to have IDs for wg
review in early July.  This will allow for one iteration of the wg with
republishing before the July 30th ID cutoff date.

document readability issues that have cropped up during the
interoperability workshops that have been run by the AIAG (auto industry
action group).

We are also working at bringing up a web site for the workgroup.  The
purpose of this site will be:

Interoperability results
Implementation experiences and document clarifications
White papers on IPsec technolgy
	People will be encouraged to write up their interpretations of such
	things as in line IVs and publish them on this site.  These positions
	get losted in the organic discussions on the list.
Desired later enhancements in IPsec

Other things as requested by the wg.

If we work together we all win.

Robert Moskowitz                      Theodore Ts'o 
Chrysler Corporation		      MIT           
(810) 758-8212			      (617) 253-8091