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Re: Time value and 56-bit DES [Re: CAST5-128 was: A little socialengineering]

At 2:03 pm -0400 on 6/21/97, Jim Gillogly wrote:

> Depends also on the dollar value of the data.  Michael Wiener's carefully
> designed hardware DES-cracker (Crypto '94 rump session, I think) would
> cost $1M using 1994 technology, and would produce solutions in 3.5 hrs
> on average.

Let's see, Moore's law gives us today, three years later than 1994, $250k.
In three more years, 2000, that's, what? $62.5k? How many keys do think you
need to crack to, um, amortize, that $62.5k?


So, why, exactly, do you guys *not* want to default to 3DES?

Bob Hettinga

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