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RE: A little social engineering

At 10:16 AM 6/21/97 -0400, Rodney Thayer wrote:
>Would you like to write an "ESP Shim" document proposing it?
>At this point the following ciphers have been talked about (I'm talking in
>vague terms here, just from my knowledge)

If anyone wishes to write an "ESP Shim", please contact me directly before
you get to far into writing.  A number of authors got together and came up
with a consistant format.  It should be published for review early next
week (jul 1?).  It would not be far to any new author to get too far in and
then they get to rewrite.  So 'call' first.

I am puting together a number of documents, including an author tracking

Robert Moskowitz
Chrysler Corporation
(810) 758-8212