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Re: calculating IVs

> From: "Angelos D. Keromytis" <angelos@dsl.cis.upenn.edu>
> In message <6071.wsimpson@greendragon.com>, "William Allen Simpson" writes:
> >And the amount of code we are talking about is miniscule:
> [snip code]
> Bill, will you stop exporting crypto code through this mailing list ?
> Foreigners like me might use it...
I'm assuming that was tongue-in-cheek :^)

Of course, that code didn't meet any meaningful definition of "crypto",
as it contained no cryptographic functions.

But seriously, this list is the recorded minutes of an international
forum conducting a conference discussing cryptographic issues.  So,
technically, I believe US export laws apply in the same manner that they
do at IETF meetings, or Crypto'9x conferences for that matter, and the
resulting published proceedings.

We can and should exchange examples of cryptographic algorithms on this
list.  That's what we are here for....

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