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The draft "A Framework for IP based Virtual Private Networks"
<draft-gleeson-vpn-framework-01.txt> has been updated. It is 
available at 


and should shortly be available in the Internet Draft directories.

It has been updated to reflect and reference some of the vpn related 
work done since the previous version, notably the VPN-ID draft 
<now draft-ietf-ion-vpn-id-00.txt>, and a number of specific VPN 
proposals (a number of which were presented at the last IETF). It 
also covers extranets and discusses the issues surounding
voluntary tunneling in considerably more detail. As before, the 
intent is that this should provide a framework for discussion of 
the vpn related standards work needed by the IETF. Unfortunately 
there is no VPN WG as such in which to discuss the draft and some 
of the issues it raises, however we intend to submit the draft for 
publication as an Informational RFC, and would welcome any comments 
anyone may have.

One issue in particular that is raised in the draft and that has 
been the focus of some recent L2TP/IPSEC mailing list activity is 
that of the the protocol stack to be used for secure remote access 
using voluntary tunneling (i.e. choice of  PPP/L2TP/UDP/IPSEC/IP, 
or IPSEC/IP with the "xauth" extensions, or PPP directly over IPSEC, 
or perhaps some other combination). Right now there are quite a 
number of proprietary client solutions commercially available, 
so this area is one that would certainly benefit from some work 
in order to allow for interoperable implementations.

Bryan Gleeson
Shasta Networks