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Addendum: Address of list changing

Further information related to the domain name change coming soon to a list
near you:

-All subscriber lists will be maintained as-is when the list address changes.
(Technically, the server and lists etc., are not physically moving to
a different system.  The domain name configuration of the current server
will be changed.  So, literally nothing but the domain name and email
addresses will change.)

-The list archives will still be available via anonymous ftp.  This server
will change to ftp.tislabs.com.  Ftp.tis.com will work for a time after
the change, but it is advisable to start using ftp.tislabs.com asap.

Sorry for not including this in my earlier post.

John C. Kelley
Computer Scientist
TISLabs at Network Associates, Inc.
Glenwood, MD