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Re: The world according to MCR

>>>>> "Tero" == Tero Kivinen <kivinen@ssh.fi> writes:
    >> [MCR's comment: Vendor ID payloads can be used in Aggressive
    >> mode to enable a new feature]a

    Tero> No, you really cannot. This is clearly new exchange type,
    Tero> and needs to get new exchange type number. There is no need
    Tero> to add vendor id in the new exchange type. I think we need
    Tero> some kind of document telling how to use vendor-id, private
    Tero> address spaces (in different places) etc.  -- kivinen@iki.fi

  Yes, I'm working on one.
  You expressed a differing opinion than mine when it comes to what it
means, but we seem to have come to some agreement. 

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