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Re: IKE - ISAKMP/Oakley software.

> Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 10:08:26 -0800
> From: "Sunil.Vallamkonda" <sunil@siara.com>
> Is there any  site that I can download ISAKMP/Oakley software  -
> freeware or any software vendor ?
> Any links/pointers is helpful.

In OpenBSD there is sbin/isakmpd, the code is still in flux though,
as we are changing to PF_KEYv2 right now.


You can get the code in various ways, many of them described at that
page.  Actually the code available from there is crippled as we do not
include RSA for patent reasons, but there is another distribution
channel where I include RSA code, however I have not made such a
release in quite a while so the latest one is really obsolelete.
If you are interested in that RSA version, contact me privately.