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textual-conventions MIB I-D available

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My proposal for a textual-conventions MIB for the ISAKMP DOI for IPSec
has been posted as draft-ietf-ipsec-doi-tc-mib-00.txt.  This defines
textual conventions for all the magic numbers (enumerations) used in
ISAKMP/IKE, so that a MIB can provide for meaningful decode.

The intent is that the IANA will maintain this MIB as they assign
magic numbers in the DOI.  In this way, the DOI can grow without
obsoleting MIBs that wish to symbolically decode the magic numbers.

This revises draft-shriver-ipsec-doi-tc-mib-00.txt by adding one
textual convention that I forgot, and it's now a working group
document.  (When I first submitted, there was not complete clarity
whether the MIB was in the IPSec charter.)

This document is also fairly handy for just understanding all the
magic numbers, and where they fit.  The descriptions are quite
complete, and there are reference clauses too.

The MIB itself passes strict tests by SMICng.  There are no syntax
problems.  (But there may be typos!)