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Re: Configuration of mobile users

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Michael Richardson wrote:
> [..]
>   To compare/contrast, I think the major advantage of
> is that one doesn't burn entropy from the DH making an IPsec SA that
> is only used for three or four packets. Secondly, it isn't clear
> all "VPN" SAs will necessarily have selectors that permit the DHCP
> traffic.
>   The major advantage of ipsec-dhcp is that it reuses existing
> protocol definitions, infra-structure, and DHCP has a clear
> for extensions.

I think the definition of existing is questionable here.  For many
implementations, DHCP "existing" is not the case.  The reality would
likely be a complete reimplementation of DHCP for BITS
implementations.  That's just not going to happen when there aren't
really significant benefits from the DHCP proposal over mode-cfg.

>   I would like to suggest a compromise/hybrid solution: let's define
> payload/exchange type which carries DHCP payloads within ISAKMP.
>   This has all the advantages of isakmp-mode-cfg:
>         1. no seperate SA
>         2. the ISAKMP learns about the parameters directly
>   The speaker on Monday from Microsoft (Bernard I think) expressed
> belief that many of the PPP configuration options should have been
> done via a DHCP Inform. I'm not qualified to agree or disagree with
> this statement, but if true, would tend to support using DHCP.
>   In addition, DHCP leases need to be renewed periodically. This
> provides a *NATURAL* keep alive message for road warriors. Further,
> DHCP says specific things about what a host is supposed to do as it
> shuts down wrt sending out DHCP releases.

I really don't believe what needs to be done is so complex that we
need to drag in other protocols like DHCP.  mode-cfg presents a nice,
coherent method of doing this that can be relatively easily
implemented within the existing IKE implementations that everyone has
now and everyone has access to, and I believe we should focus on that
if there are specific features of the DHCP draft that need to be moved
into mode-cfg *without* moving "DHCP" itself.  Bringing DHCP into the
discussion is ignoring the fact that DHCP might as well not exist for
many implementations.

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