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Re: linux-ipsec: cornered: MTU and fragmentation bugs

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In message <199903242110.NAA21766@toad.com>John Gilmore writes
>I would have been shocked, shocked! had there not been an RFC or
>Internet-Draft about Path MTU Discovery failures.  But indeed,
>the IETF "TCP Implementation" working group is working on it:
>    http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-ietf-tcpimpl-pmtud-00.txt
>I've cc'd the author of this draft, Kevin Lahey, on this message.  The
>draft should definitely add mentions of the interaction of Path MTU
>problems, IP tunnelling, and IPSEC, including problems getting ICMP
>messages out of tunnels, and MTU's that are reduced by the size of
>tunnel and IPSEC headers.  It should also cross-reference the Path MTU
>and Tunnel MTU discussions in RFC 2003 (IP-in-IP).  It sounds like we
>need some cross-fertilization between the TCPIMPL and IPSEC working
>groups, and with other groups using IP-in-IP encapsulation (RFC's 2003
>and 1853) such as MOBILEIP.

I have a revised draft about ready to roll, so I'd be happy to add a 
caveat about tunneling and a reference to RFC 2003.  I'd welcome 
input on the draft.


Kevin Lahey