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Re: Configuration of mobile users

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>>>>> "Will" == Will Price <wprice@cyphers.net> writes:
    Will> I think the definition of existing is questionable here.  For many
    Will> implementations, DHCP "existing" is not the case.  The reality would
    Will> likely be a complete reimplementation of DHCP for BITS
    Will> implementations.  That's just not going to happen when there aren't

  BITS have to implement something. 
  Frankly, I'm not clear why you wouldn't just take the DHCP data and 
punt it up to the real stack and be done with.

  DHCP also has the advantage that it is already defined, and has clear 
mechanisms for doing extensions.

  Mostly we are just talking about using the DHCP Acquire/Inform stuff,
not the "discovery" stuff.

    Will> I really don't believe what needs to be done is so complex that we
    Will> need to drag in other protocols like DHCP.  mode-cfg presents a

  Then, I think you don't completely understand the problem, and you
don't understand DHCP. The problem is complicated enough to require DHCP,
and DHCP is not so complicated as to be much different from mode-cfg.

    Will> into mode-cfg *without* moving "DHCP" itself.  Bringing DHCP into the
    Will> discussion is ignoring the fact that DHCP might as well not exist for
    Will> many implementations.

  Don't invent new protocols when you don't have to.

  All native implementations of IPsec probably already have DHCP code
available, and there is freely available reference code from ISC.

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